Saturday, May 12, 2012

The Motherlinks (Salute to Moms, Suffragettes Singing Gaga, and More!)

Mucho credit to whoever drew this. I just found it on the internet and died of joy. Genderswap for the win!
[Ed.: It has been explained to me that this is fanart depicting Earth 11, which is canonically genderswapped. Thanks Patrick!]
Well, Happy pre-Mother's Day to all of you out there, and especially to my mother, who always indulged my need to spend over an hour in Blockbuster figuring out what movie I wanted to rent, and who still drives me to the Book Barn so I can get my reading fix when I'm home. Thanks Mom!

1. In Mother's Day news, has a salute to momtagonists, mothers who get to be the hero in their own story. From Sarah Connor to Gwen Cooper, these are some badass mothers. Check it out here.

2. In absolutely hilarious and awesome news, several artists have taken issue with the way that female superheroes are posed in posters and in the comics, and have redrawn male superheroes in the same positions. Most notably, this redrawing of the Avengers poster that shows both the original and the corrected versions, and this picture of male superheroes posed like Wonder Woman was in a promo for the New 52. Carry on, guys. Carry on.

3. In hope-it-becomes-a-thing news, Sarah Scott is a cosplayer who looks like Wonder Woman and is trying to raise money for a fan-made Wonder Woman movie. Woohoo! Check her out here, and stay tuned for my article series on female superheroes that really need their own franchises.

4. In I-swear-I'm-not-stalking-Kate-Beaton news, Hark, A Vagrant! put out another "Strong Female Characters" comic! And I love it! And I swear I'm not stalking her! Check it out here.

5. And in hey-this-video-is-awesome-who-cares-if-it's-two-months-old news, I was reminded today of how awesome the Bad Romance: Women's Suffrage music video is. Best part? While it's very stylized, the events of the music video really happened, in much the way they are portrayed. The video follows Alice Paul, a suffragette who was imprisoned for protesting outside the White House, went on hunger strike, and eventually brought the issue before Congress. It passed when one opponent changed his vote at the last minute.

Have a great Mother's Day, and if you have suggestions for female superheroes who need their own franchises, drop them below!

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