Saturday, June 23, 2012

Legend of Links (Maleficent, Cute Nerd Skirts, and More!)

Angelina Jolie as Maleficent in recently leaked photos for Maleficent. Fabulous!
It's the end of another crazy week, and we have some pretty awesome links to show you guys. Some of them are the standard fun times, a few are serious, and others--well you can draw your own conclusions on those. Have fun!

1. In aww-that's-adorable news, Ally Orlando on Etsy makes skirts that come in your flavor of geek, custom made to fit. They're pretty awesome. Not cheap, but awesome. Check them out here.

2. In hey-I-know-her! news, Sam Vick, recently of USC's Interactive Media Department was featured at IndieCade for her spectacular X-Box Kinect game, Songlines. It's a game where you create the environment by waving your arms and it's based on Aboriginal Dreamtime should just read the article here, and tell her how much you love it!

Someone buy this for me, please?
3. In she-is-the-queen-of-everything news, Meryl Streep stated in an interview that she wants to make movies for the "largest audience possible, not half the largest audience possible". Because women have movies, and Hollywood should market to them too. Women will spend money if you let them, guys. Check it out here.

4. In nice-try news, the company behind the Lara Croft reboot has denied that there is sexual assault in the game, and in so doing, totally missed the point. The point is that the game creates a weaker, more vulnerable character, and have a scene in which villains attempt to rape her, but they apparently don't consider that sexual assault. Seriously. Check it out here.

5. In I-hate-how-valid-your-point-is news, Lara Pulver (Irene Adler in Sherlock) has stated that she would love to be the next Doctor on Doctor Who (as has Helen Mirren, actually), but that she's not sure how the fans would take it. She's pretty sure they'd take it badly, which is sad, but probably true. Check it out here, and seriously think about how you'd feel.

6. In well-she's-honest news, Natalia Tena has been very open in discussing her feelings on female versus male nudity in Game of Thrones. She feels like the women are asked much more than the men, and while she doesn't mind stripping down for the right role, she'd like some reciprocity here. Check out the article here, and try not to wince when you realize she played Tonks in Harry Potter.

7. And finally, in yes-awesome-hilarious news, someone made fake Game of Thrones political ads. And they're amazing. You can see all three here, but this is my favorite.

Take care until next week, when I might have some news about the awesome stuff I've been doing. Awesome, top secret stuff. Mull on that for a while.

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