Saturday, June 2, 2012

Linktor Who (Space Jewelry, Game of Thrones Hair, and More!)

Karen Gillam, who is just awesome and pretty and fun.
Loads of links this week, like the internet was trying to make up for last week. Also I did a lot less this week, so I was around to find them all for you.

You're welcome.

Jennifer Lawrence as girl!Thor

1. In haha-you're-adorable news, a nice young man over at the Daily Beast wants everyone to just leave Kristen Stewart alone! *cries* Seriously, though, he doesn't understand why women don't like her, and assumes that it must be because they're just jealous. Read it and start composing your own rebuttal here.

2. In dibs-omg-dibs news, this person makes jewelry appropriate for Ms. Frizzle. AKA, jewelry covered in spaceships, moonrocks and images of the solar system. Check it out and consider buying me a present here. I do so much for you.

3. In fair-point news, Marcy Kennedy has written a great article on how to keep strong female characters likable. A woman doesn't have to be tough to be strong, but if she is a tough, macho chick, this is a good guide on how to keep her from being annoying. Check it out here.

4. In I-never-knew-how-much-I-wanted-to-know-that news, Entertainment Weekly has the scoop on how the hairdressers on Game of Thrones manage all of the complex hair issues on the show. And boy are there hair issues. From Emilia Clarke's naturally black hair, to trying to keep crowns in place, I never realized how interested I was in this. Check it out here, and enjoy the hair porn.
Rooney Mara as girl!Loki

5. In let's-make-her-president-of-something news, YA author Lauren Myracle was interviewed about the controversy surrounding her books, and why she writes about difficult topics. It's a great interview, and Myracle is a great author, so check it out here.

6. In that's-a-shocker news, it's official. Alan Scott, the original Green Lantern, is DC's new gay superhero. I guess we can all just be happy that it's someone we've kind of heard of and not just Booster Gold. I mean, we've heard of Booster Gold, but still. Booster Gold. Anyway, check out the EW's interview with the writer, James Robinson, and listen to their adorable attempts to make this move sound less political here.

7. Finally, for your viewing pleasure, enjoy Ellen Degeneres terrifying Emma Stone. The awesomeness starts about halfway through, but the first part is cute.

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