Saturday, June 30, 2012

Night of the Living Links (Dieting is Boring, WB is Sexist, and More!)

Just so you know my epic lady crush on Kate Beaton is still intact.
So remember how I said that I was spending my week doing something super cool? Well, now the cat is out of the bag and the event is over, so I can share! For the past week (and really the past month), I have been putting together and staging a post-apocalyptic summer camp for a youth group full of awesome kids. And the absolute best part? It was set at an abandoned missile silo.

Like a real one.

With missile shafts.

And creepy tunnels. And huge underground domes. And holes in the ground that drop hundreds of feet (which the campers were not allowed near, because we're not stupid). And attacks from outside forces, fake creepy corporation stuff (courtesy of me), and overall sheer awesomeness. The kids got closer to God, and I got to watch them grow and develop a real community and become even cooler people than they already were.

So have some links. I'm going to be over here, basking in awesomeness.

Also sleeping.

1. In well-I'm-glad-someone-made-a-list-I-guess news, Cracked has come out with a wonderful article on the 14 Worst Boobs in the History of Videogames. And yes, it's stupid and juvenile, but it's also sort of handy to know, and it's always fun to laugh and tell game developers that anatomy doesn't work like that.

My hobbies are cooler than yours.
2. In thank-you-for-making-this-clear news, Mallamun on tumblr has finally written the comprehensive guide to typical problems with sex in fanfiction. Since a lot of fanfic smut is written by young women with little to no experience with sex, and usually involves characters and situations that they don't fully understand, this is something that needs to be said. Fortunately, Mallamun says it hilariously.

3. In please-be-my-friend-now news, Scarlett Johansson is apparently fed up with being asked stupid dieting questions while her male costars are asked in depth questions about their characters and motivation. And, even better, she's willing to talk about how pissed off she is, to the very people that are pissing her off. Read the exchange here, and cheer for our new favorite celebrity.

4. In old-but-still-unnerving news, check out this freaky article from 2007 on Deadline Hollywood Daily where the head of Warner Brothers actually said that WB would not be making any more female lead films. Like, for serious, he really said that. And maybe WB has backed off from that stance, what with the necessity for a Wonder Woman movie and all, but still. That got said. Read it here.

5. In so-glad-someone-is-checking-up-on-this news, Fangs for the Fantasy has a great article series on cover snark, or looking at the covers publishers slap onto fantasy and especially urban fantasy books with female leads. Specifically, snarking at the poses, clothes, shoes, and how ridiculous they all are. Read it here. It's very fun.

6. And finally, in no-that's-not-a-tear-shut-up news, Matt Hardy of Where the Hell is Matt? is a wonderful human being who travels around the world, and gets video footage of himself dancing with the people he meets wherever he goes. And it is just...awesome. In the fullest sense of the word. Here's the most recent video.

So that's it for the news this week. We'll be up with another episode of Crossover Appeal later today, and I'll talk to you all on Monday!

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