Saturday, August 11, 2012

Breaking Links (Avengers 2, Game Consoles, and More!)

Image by knightowls. Major thanks to Kat Chen for pointing that out!
Aside from the fact that I still have a horrible wracking cough (sounds awful, but actually isn’t all that bad), this has been a pretty cool week. Found out a lot of wonderful things about a lot of wonderful people, so I’m feeling the love and wanting to share!

Come closer! I must hug you!

Oh well. Guess I’ll have to give you links instead.

1. In dibs! news, Ouya is a kickstarter funded woman-created gaming console that’s going to retail for just $99! Seeking to unite the worlds of casual gamers and more hardcore console jockeys, Ouya has an Android-based operating system, and looks like it’s going to be a pretty big step forward for the industry. Or, if not that, then at least pretty cool. Check out the specs here, and a fun new game you should totally be playing here.

2. In squeeeeeee news, Joss Whedon has been confirmed as the writer-director of Avengers 2, which should put all of our nervous hearts at ease. He’s kind of a little bit good at this. It’s also pretty cool to think that prior to Avengers he’d never directed a hit movie, and now they’re giving him another one! He’s also contracted to help Marvel develop some TV shows, and I just want to say that I am pumped. Check out the full story here.

3. In urgh-you’re-a-good-person news, Misha Collins from Supernatural has long been a celeb-crush of mine. Or rather, a celeb-friend-crush. I mostly just want to get some tea and pick his brain. Anyway, a few years ago he started a non-profit with his Twitter followers called Random Acts. They just completed their second trip down to Haiti to help build new structures for towns devastated by the earthquake a few years back. Click here to read more about the trip and find out more about how you can help! It’s pretty cool.

4. In yes-more-Game-of-Thrones-jokes news, the good folks over at Cracked! have made a really funny video about the psychological effects of watching Game of Thrones, especially if you play the companion game, Game of Thrones: The Game (of Thrones). It’s funny. Trust me.

'Game of Thrones': The Board Game -- powered by

5. In best-kind-of-progress, Garry Trudeau’s Doonesbury will be hitting an important turning point soon. The main character of the daily strip (which is one of my faves) will be shifting from Michael Doonesbury to his daughter, Alex. It’s a pretty cool announcement, especially given that this is really the first time anything like this has happened. Check out the full story here, and if you aren’t, you should read Doonesbury. True facts.

6. In yes-two-videos news, I don’t actually have a lot to say about this video except to explain that as we contemplate the pictures Curiosity is sending back from Mars, it’s good to get a larger perspective on our cosmos. And I suggest that we all do it by watching this awesome time lapse vid of the night sky. Seriously, pop on some Enya and just chill to this.

Well, that’s it for this week! Tune in tomorrow at 6pm PDT for Crossover Appeal (you can find us on Facebook and Google+), and we’ll be back on Monday.

If you feel like there’s anything we missed, or you want to promote your own stuff, do it in the links below!



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