Saturday, August 4, 2012

Buffy the Links Slayer (Nick Fury, Olympic Archers, and More!)

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At the moment I am recovering from the flu and watching Game of Thrones, so I'm not super focused. Just a friendly warning.

Anyway, I think you can gather from that how my week's been. How about you?

I'm sorry. But here are some links for you to enjoy. Anything you think we missed, or anything you want to add of your own stuff, leave it in the comments.

1. In your-weekly-dosage-of-Marvel news, they've found a scriptwriter for the Guardians of the Galazy. Which is cool. I'm pretty psyched about that movie, even though they did go with the version of the team that only has one woman instead of the canonical two. Bastards. But, they have found a writer for this one, and it looks like it's gonna be the Chris McCoy, a three time Black Lister who is taking over for Nicole Perlman. Nicole's draft is the one that got this whole thing started, but it's not unusual to rewrite well-liked scripts. Anyway, for more coverage on that, and some stuff about the Black Widow script Perlman apparently wrote, click here.

2. In holy-crap-this-is-on-io9 news, Memos from Nick Fury is a tumblr that consists of, well, memos from the desk of Nick Fury. They're hilarious, written in perfect voice, and deal with the entertaining problems of having a superhero team and a house full of spies. Check out the io9 article here, and the actual site here.

3. In real-life-heroes news, the archer who trained Jennifer Lawrence for Hunger Games just competed in her fifth Olympics. Starting in 1992, Khatuna Lorig has been a very consistent comeptirot. Though she didn't medal in this years games, coming just shy of Bronze, she'll probably be back in four years. And in that time, so might her son! Check out the story here. It's pretty cool to have a mother/son archery team.

4. In other-Marvel news, Christopher Eccleston will be playing the villain in Thor 2. Just let that sink in for a sec. The Doctor versus Thor. Did you just involuntarily squeal? Because I know I did. Eccleston will be playing one of the more obscure members of the Thor rogues gallery, but his character's plot will probably be intertwined with the Thanos storyline that they're building in Phase 2. It's something to keep in mind. Anyway, check out the article here.

5. In hey-I-wrote-about-that news, The Newsroom is still making headlines, as well it might, but over at Salon they've taken a different tack by praising the one good female character on the show, Olivia Munn's Sloan Sabbith. Check out their analysis here, and look in the sidebar for mine.

6. In did-you-really-think-we'd-talk-about-something-else news, the teaser for Season 7 of Doctor Who is out, and whoa does it look epic. Now, we aren't seeing anything from the second half of the season, after Amy and Rory go (!), but it's still a great preview.

That's it for this week! Have a lovely Saturday, and I'll be back on Monday. In the meantime check out Crossover Appeal on Sunday at 6pm PDT. We'll be talking about space agencies of the future, so ti should be pretty fun.

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