Saturday, August 25, 2012

Revenge of the Links (Tesla's Laboratory, Thor Casting and More!)

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It’s been a fun, if tiring, week here at KMWW central. I tramped around Hanoi and sipped mango smoothies from a balcony overlooking the lake. Sigh.

Anyway, hope your week’s been going well too! Have some links I like.

As always, if you can think of anything we missed or you want to shamelessly self-promote, hit it in the comments.

1. In physics-yay news, The Boston Globe (of the comics I cherished as a child) put up a fun little exercise on how to mentally build your own universe. It’s quirky and interesting and totally the kind of brain-puzzle it’s fine to do on a Saturday. Enjoy.

2. In harshing-the-mellow news, more stuff is still spewing out about Todd Akin and his really terrible “legitimate rape” speech. But, looking into it, The Daily Beast has an article about what this could really mean for the Republican party. Check it out here.

3. In thank-you-casting-wizards news, Kat Dennings has been confirmed as revising her role in Thor: The Dark World. I am PUMPED. Darcy Lewis was my favorite part of the first Thor movie, and I was sad she didn’t get to at least cameo in Avengers. Plus, Kat Dennings and Christopher Eccleston in the same movie. Yeah. Epic. For more, see here.

4. In not-making-me-feel-better news, Karen Yang posted an awesome comparison on her tumblr, where she shows the Dodge Charger “Man’s Last Stand” advertisement and contrasts it to a “Woman’s Last Stand” ad. It’s a neat idea, because the Charger commercial shows a bunch of men complaining about doing things that are basic, decent and normal responsibilities of any adult, while the other one is about doing things that women often have to do but really shouldn’t. Check it out here.

5. In more-science-ftw news, there is an online campaign to raise money to make Tesla’s laboratory into an official museum. Nikola Tesla was the Steve Jobs to Edison’s Bill Gates, and has gone down in history largely without all the awesome credit he deserves. Help him grab some of it back here.

6. In this-is-so-meta news, Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis has now officially commented on the fan reaction to his show and the massive shipping of his two characters Stiles and Derek. He reveals that Stiles probably is bisexual, but if they do get together, it won’t be until the end of the show. Which is disappointing, but still. Read the whole interview here.

7. And finally, in aaaaaahhhh-my-brain news, this is an explanation of Cuil Theory, which measures the level of abstraction away from the situation. It's terrifying and awesome.

That’s it for this week. We’ll be back on Monday, and tomorrow tune in for Crossover Appeal at 6pm PDT. You can catch us on Facebook, youtube and Google+. We’ll be talking about superhero costumes, so I hope to see you there!


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