Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Pilot Season Is BACK!

Accurate visual representation of the next few months.
Well my chickadees, it’s pilot season again! That glorious time of year when the networks trot out their new shows for us all to gawp at and judge. Also, time for the return of our old standbys. Best time of the year, in my opinion.
If you weren’t around this time last year on the blog, what we’re going to do is this: every new scripted show coming out gets a fair shake. We watch everything. Then we do a quick blurb on what the show’s about, when it’s on, and whether we think it’s worth a look. Anything particularly feminist or misogynistic or generally interesting will get a mention. Sound good? Good.
This year, Dan Ingram, our semi-regular Friday contributor, will be pitching in. Since pilots and premiers will be going on into November, we're probably going to up the number of posts per day to keep up with the rush, and try to get you your regular scheduled ranting. Let’s all give Dan some snaps of encouragement and get this show on the road!

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