Saturday, October 27, 2012

City of Links (Weird Science, Mockingbird Lane, and More!)

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Oh gosh. It turns out that starting over in another country (again) isn’t super easy, and is just a skosh time consuming. So, I apologize for the zaniness with the posting schedule. It’s hopefully under control now.

And for all those who stuck with us, yay, have a double links post!

1. In ah-my-ancestral-home news, apparently Danvers, Massachusetts is the creepiest town in the country. Given that it’s situated right next door to Salem, I find it impressive that Danvers somehow edged out the heavyweight contender. Read about Danvers’ creeptastic past here.

2. In science news, NASA has found a new planet that has four suns. FOUR. That’s more than the planet in Pitch Black! The science is a little squiffy to explain, but suffice to say that it is super cool and I am continually amazed by the things we’re learning about our universe. Full story here.

3. In handy news, someone finally broke down and made a Game of Thrones infographic that explains who the hell everyone is and what relation they have to each other. Definitely needed.

4. In progress-what-progress news, the WSJ Blog has an article examining the ways that our media culture still punishes plus-sized female comics by centering the humor of their characters in their weight. And that is not cool. Stop being mean to Rebel Wilson.

5. In total-downer news, I think (or I will prefer to think) that we can all agree that jailbait porn and cyber-bullying are bad things. Unfortunately, until we, and more specifically until the guys we know, send that message loud and clear, this behavior is apt to continue. It thrives on the homosocial bond and coded acceptance from other men. This needs to stop.

6. In stop-NBC news, Mockingbird Lane, NBC’s Munster’s remake aired last night. It’s probably not going to series because NBC has no money, which is very sad. But still, read about it here, and hope against hope it gets picked up. It has Eddie Izzard and Portia de Rossi in the same show.

7. In good-advice news, Social Justice League has some advice on how to like problematic things. You know, media that is clearly offensive or badly done in some way but that you love all the same. The key is to recognize that it is problematic, and not try to defend it. It may offend someone. Your job isn’t to tell them they’re wrong for being offended. Enjoy what you enjoy, but respect those who don’t. Read it here.

8. In interesting-what’s-your-proof news, The Telegraph thinks girl power is dead. Hmm. More specifically, they think that the brand of feminism espoused by the Spice Girls is gone, leaving a more nuanced version to be endorsed by Lady Gaga and her ilk. I don’t know I agree, but check it out here.

9. In someone-is-wrong-on-the-internet news, one of the bloggers over at The Daily Beast apparently hates Lauren Conrad. Now, I am no particular lover of Lauren. I mostly don’t care. But I hate the idea that this woman is tearing down another woman for the perceived slight of not enjoying partying anymore and wearing cardigans. I wear cardigans. So, check it out here, make your opinion, and speak up in the comments.

10. In strong-language-warning news, my friend Ana Cosma wrote a fantastic article explaining her love of the C-word, and how she wants it to come back as a good word. Definitely food for thought.

11. In teehee news, here’s a list of the 10 skimpiest sci-fi costumes from io9. Fortunately, quite a few of them are dudes. Yay for gender equality!

12. And, finally, in science-you-are-magic news, this video shows what happens when you transpose a song that is traditionally in a minor key into a major key. It’s based on the idea that our brains are coded to hear minor keys and feel sad, but hear major keys and get happy. I dunno. Science. Mostly, just enjoy the pretty!

So that’s all for this week! This afternoon at 3pm PST we’re going to be doing Crossover Appeal, and you can catch us on Google+, Facebook, or Youtube.

Have an awesome Saturday, we’ll be back on Monday!

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