Saturday, October 6, 2012

The IT Links (Komen, SHIELD, Pinterest and More!)

My mother posted this on my FB wall. Awwww.
Happy October everybody! It finally feels like fall here (probably because we’re up in the mountains, but I don’t care), and I’ve been able to finally relax after getting my travel plans straightened out. Of course, then I found out I had three weeks to write a philosophical article, but that’s a different kind of stress. The fun kind.

Anyway, hope you’re having an awesome week, and happy Saturday to you! Here are some pretty neat links.

1. In awareness-isn’t-everything news, Marvel is coming out with alternate covers for its comics this week, to promote the Komen Foundation and breast cancer awareness. Which is cool. I mean, I’d like it if they also did that for other diseases, but I’m not complaining. Fox Nation is, however. They don’t like seeing their favorite superheroes in “emasculating” pink. Ithink it brings out Cap’s eyes, personally.

2. In preach-it news, Ayla Lefkowitz from McGill University has an awesome rebuttal for anyone who thinks that they want equal rights for women and stuff, but “I’m not a feminist or anything.” Read it. It’s great.

3. In the-show-that-will-own-me, io9 speculates on ten awesome female heroes who could conceivably guest star on Joss Whedon’s new S.H.I.E.L.D. TV show. I am psyched. And also rooting for Kate Bishop to turn up, personally, but that seems a bit unlikely.

4. In icky news, remember that whole thing with the Kate Middleton topless photos? Remember how incredibly scuzzy it was that someone used a telephoto lens to take pictures and then distribute them of a young woman relaxing in private with her husband? Well, Julia Molony wants you to think about it in terms of voyeurism, and how voyeurism is actually harming us just as much as it harms celebrities.

5. In wait-seriously news, apparently someone thinks Pinterest is killing feminism. Which is dumb. Pinterest is great, and if a disproportional number of pins are for cute sweaters or DIY wallhanging potted plants, that’s not a feminist issue. It’s a we’re-a-boring-generation issue. Read the rebuttal here.

6. And finally, in Pond-family-feels news, as we’re all reeling from last week’s mid-season finale of Doctor Who (if you don’t watch it, eh, skip ahead), here’s a documentary about the forty years of Doctor Who that existed, you know, ten years ago. Check it out!

Well, that’s it for this week. Tune in on Sunday at 6pm PDT for some Crossover Appeal talking about fall TV, and we’ll be back on Monday with more pop culture-y goodness.

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