Saturday, December 22, 2012

There And Links Again (DC Is Dumb, Memes, and More!)

It has been a while since we did a solid links post on here, and while I would apologize for that, I doubt anyone’s too terribly broken up about it. 

Still, here are some links that might tickle your brainfancy. 

1. In bit-awkward news, The Good Men Project has tackled an issue that I think most people are far too awkward to even consider speaking up about. Namely, the behaviors and attitudes of gay men towards women’s bodies. Now, I’m not saying that every gay man acts as if he is entitled to ownership of the female body, but I do think that it’s something we ought to be talking about even if it’s uncomfortable. If only so that we can stop the whole gay men grabbing boobs thing. It’s weird. Article here.

2. In life-philosophy-thanks news, The Boston Globe has got a fabulous article up that manages to combine all the latest research available in order to say that, yes, fiction is good for you, very good for you, and that stories are what keep civilization together. As I have believed this for years, it’s nice to have some justification. Check it out.

3. In oh-DC news, it seems that our favorite comics giant (to hate) has decided that expressing mildly feminist views is far too scandalous, and fired Gail Simone (one of the most influential women in comics) when she spoke out against her company’s policy of sexism towards female characters. Sigh. Check out some coverage of the situation here.

4. In this-week-sucked news, I suggest that everyone head over to Buzzfeed to check out their list of 26 Moments that Restored Our Faith in Humanity This Year. Go quickly.

5. In meme-subversion news, yet another anti-woman meme has been taken back for the cause of goodness and light! I refer here to “Friend-zone Fiona”, a meme that let guys complain about the girls in their lives who weirdly didn’t want to have sex with them. The meme has now been taken back to form a commentary on friend-zoning, and this makes me very happy. See it here.

6. And, finally, in it’s-almost-Christmas-see-you-later news, have a very happy holiday, and peace out.

There is no Crossover Appeal this week, but KMWW will be back on Wednesday, December 26th, and in the meantime, have some pie.


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