Saturday, August 31, 2013

Linksgiving (Anna Gunn, Twenties, Iranian Fashion and More)

Well, my week veered between awful and terrible and okay, so I decided to celebrate it being over today by sleeping and eating and not doing things. Bliss. But on the plus side, the awesome parts of my week (hanging out with old friends in my favorite city, watching Mulan with a bunch of hilarious high schoolers, and sleeping) were pretty seriously awesome. No complaints.

And, in honor of a new week dawning, here are some tasty little links I found this week. Or possibly earlier than this week. Maybe.

As usual, if you have anything you want to add, feel free to pop it in the comments below, or email us at

1. Harry Potter isn’t just a magical series of books and movies that changed our lives and made us deeply happy (and sometimes sad), it’s also a really great example of social justice in fiction.

2. Ever feel like network television sucks and you wish it could be more original? Then stop whining and go read this interview and watch this pilot called Twenties by Lena Waithe, the mastermind behind Dear White People. It’s super good.

3. Anna Gunn would like you to know that she is aware that you hate Skyler White from Breaking Bad. And she doesn’t care, because Skyler is a strong female character of the highest degree, and haters gonna hate.

4. Have some beautiful and interesting pictures of how the Iranian fashion industry is reimagining traditional attire, and what that means for women’s liberties in the country.

5. Wil Wheaton is lovely, we all know this. But did you know he was wax-poetic-about-what-it-means-to-be-a-nerd lovely? Bet you didn’t.

6. Here’s a comic based on a quote by Sophie Scholl, a German non-violence activist during WWII. It’s crazy powerful.

7. And, finally, have a fan trailer for Man of Steel 2. Pretty rad indeed.

That’s it for this week, folks. Tune in tomorrow at 3pm PDT to see Crossover Appeal finally talk about YA Fiction. Maybe. Hopefully.


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