Saturday, August 10, 2013

Linksgiving (Geena Davis, Chew on TV, and More)

Yeah, when you realize that this is Sansa, sitting on the Iron Throne, it becomes a hell of lot funnier.
Man, it’s been a week. An arguable seven days. A lot has happened. We got a new Doctor, soon we’ll get a new Batman, and Jack Kirby’s family still hasn’t gotten rights to any of the many characters he created.

Just another week, I guess.

And on that cheerful note, have some links! As usual, if there’s anything you want to self-promote, or a link you think I missed, or just something you think is nifty and that we should see, post it in the comments below, or shoot us an email at

1. Geena Davis pulled on her old Rockford Peaches uniform (from A League of Their Own) while practicing her archery. I don’t know if you remember this, but Davis is actually a world class archer. Invited to compete in the Olympics level good. Love her.

2. Chew, our favorite verifiably insane comic about cannibalistic detectives, just might end up on your television screen anyways. The comic has been optioned for an animated pilot that might turn into a live action series. I have absolutely no idea how they’ll do this world in live action, but I’ll certainly watch and see what happens.

3. Want five years of science fiction short stories for free? Of course you do!, the science-fiction/fantasy publisher is celebrating by releasing all of the site-exclusive short stories from the past five years as one massive e-book. Better download it now, before the offer ends.

4. Well, Hollywood continues to suck, as evidenced by the scandal surrounding the US DVD release of The Sapphires. The movie, which follows a girl group of Aboriginal Australians fighting against the racism of their recording industry, is an awesome tale of struggle and heroism, with intersectional minority representation and just good writing. So, of course, in the US we decided to put Chris O’Dowd, who plays a secondary role, on the cover. Because white guys. Gah. O’Dowd and the film’s director have spoken out against the US cover, but so far it hasn’t been pulled.

5. Want a compelling breakdown of the sexism in Stephen Moffat’s Doctor Who? Here you go. Don’t want it? I don’t care, read it anyway.

7. And finally, since so much of that stuff above is a little intense, have a cat wearing a shark costume riding a Roomba. You’re welcome.

That’s it for this week. Catch tomorrow’s Crossover Appeal to hear us talk about DC’s New 52 and me yell a lot. Otherwise, we’ll be back on Monday.


  1. Chew keeps being suggested to me, I've got to check it out!!

    That Doctor Who analysis is magnificent. I never paid attention to writers or show runners but reading that over I just kept thinking "Oh, and this is when I decided that this show wasn't worthwhile anymore." River Song's story arc destroyed that show for me. Firstly, it didn't make any sense at all and then yeah, anything interesting about her came to be tied all up in the doctor.

    1. Chew is amazing you should totally read Chew omg omg omg.

      And yeah, I actually got linked to that article by someone who disagreed, but I absolutely love it. The step by step analysis is really helpful. I hadn't thought about the involvement of the Davies era families in the narrative, I'd just been vaguely annoyed by how empty the Moffat era heroes' lives are.

      And River makes me sad.

    2. I didn't have time to hit the comic store this week, I'm having withdrawls eeeeeek. next week, I'm going to try to find Chew.