Sunday, August 4, 2013

NEWS: Older Batman May Face Off With Superman in New Movie

Rumors continue to abound about the upcoming Superman/Batman movie. Warner Brothers, though neglecting to say anything official, which is normal, might be looking for an older actor to play Bruce Wayne. By which we mean that Batman might be kind of middle aged, and Henry Cavill will still be Henry Cavill, so we’ll have experienced Batman against rookie Superman. Which could be really interesting.

All of this, though, does gloss over the fact that the probable use of the Superman fighting Batman arc would be kind of premature. That arc really works in the comics because there are fifteen years of history leading up to it, and it would be weird to try to shove it in when they first meet.

But whatever. It’s Warner Brothers and DC. They’ll do what they want.

What this really means for us is that we have to start calculating older when we make wild and intriguing propositions about who will play the caped crusader.

I’m thinking Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Or maybe Paul Blackthorne. Idris Elba? But then I think he’d be perfect for everything.


  1. I think the Dark Knight Returns is very overrated to begin with; I'm not at all thrilled at the idea of it being the basis for the next film.

    I mean there is a logical conflict there in that Batman could decide Superman doesn't get to have no one knowing who he is. But that's not fight material (and I kinda think having them fight is the boring option).

    What I'd have really liked to see as the basis is this (which is not my idea, but something I saw elsewhere): looking at the devastation that happens at the end of Man of Steel, who but the world's greatest detective could possibly imagine that anything *else* important was happening in Metropolis that day?

    1. Ooh. I like that. And who better to invest in the rebuilding efforts?