Saturday, September 28, 2013

Linksgiving (Fake Geek Girls)

Comic books were once written specifically for little girls. The more you know.

Welcome back to Linksgiving Theme Weeks! As I've said, instead of just going through the week's most interesting links, we're going to spend a little bit of time clearing out my bookmark folder and talking about some specific issues. This week? Fake geek girls.

Have fun!

1. "Nerds and Male Privilege" from Kotaku. Exactly what it sounds like.

2. "How Geek Gatekeeping Is Bad For Business" from Forbes. Kind of awesome to see an economic argument against discrimination in the geek community, and in marketing.

3. "Tropes Vs. Women Protagonists" from the Escapist. An awesome dude goes back over the Anita Sarkeesian awfulness and explains exactly why it proves her work is necessary.

4. "The Psychology of the Fake Geek Girl" from the MarySue. A legit shrink goes through and examines why we are so insecure as to be threatened by the idea of someone "faking it".

5. "The Problem with 'The Problem with Political Correctness'" from Forbes. Kind of a cheat since it's responding to an article not on this list, but still worth reading. A defense of political correctness in videogames.

6. "Guy Trying to Call Out Fake Geek Girl Gets Destroyed" from Dorkly. It's not long at all, but it is beautiful.

7. "Tropes Vs. Women in Videogames...About that Harassment Stuff"from Kickstarter. Anita Sarkeesian herself on the whole controversy about her Kickstarter campaign and desire to make media less sexist. And how people hate her for it.

8. "Does Felicia Day Matter At All? (Yes)" from Forbes. Man, Forbes has three articles on this list. That's super cool. Anyway, here's an explanation of why it matters to have a hyper-visible, awesome, female geek celebrity.

9. "The Felicia Day Moment: How People Handle Inappropriate Language on Twitter" from D Nye Everything. A further exploration of why Felicia Day matters, and calling out sexism matters even more.

10. "The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About Calling Out Fake Fangirls" from Cracked. Self-explanatory and lovely.


11. "Forget Wonder Woman - These Women Nerds Are Our Real Superheroes" from New Relic. It's mostly just heart-warming.

And, don't forget, a video:

Tune in next week for a Linksgiving Theme Week on...Superheroes! And ladies, obviously.


  1. "... if ANY of these guys that you hang on tried to talk to you out of that Con? You wouldnt give them the fucking time of day. Shut up you damned liar, no you would not. Lying, Liar Face."

    (Some asshole quoted in the Cracked article). A con is a place where you'll meet a lot more strangers than usual - fortunately, the theme of a con means that the strangers aren't complete ones, because you know you have some kinds of interests in common. Further, there's the expectation that most conversations are going to revolve around those interests in some way. Take away that context, why wouldn't you have a different assumption as to whether a random conversation would be welcome?

    Moreover, why do you even *care* whether she'd talk to you if you'd met in some other hypothetical circumstance?

    1. Definitely. There's a feeling of safety that goes along with cons, allowing people to feel free to talk to each other without social pretense. Unfortunately, that safety often turns into an excuse for harassment, or, alternately, geek-shaming. Which just sucks.