Thursday, October 10, 2013

ANNOUNCEMENT: 1st Monthly Pop Justice Blog Carnival!

Do you like to blog? Do you need more pop culture social justice in your life? Are you completely confused as to what I just said?

Welcome to Pop Justice, a monthly blog carnival about social justice in pop culture. A blog carnival is when one blog hosts, and a bunch of other blogs/people send in links to articles that are then published in one big page. So, as a blogger, you get lots of exposure, and as a reader, you get to read lots of blog posts. Win-win!

This month we're talking about Monstrous Metaphors: the use of monsters in horror and supernatural fantasy to explore social issues or to exploit the fears of the public. If you want to take part or just want more information, email me at by October 25.

The blog carnival itself will go up on October 31, as is only reasonable.

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