Thursday, October 3, 2013

NEWS: Wonder Woman May Appear in Superman Sequel (!!!)

What? I can dream.
I know you can't hear it, because this is a text post on the internet, but I am making a high pitched screeching noise right now.

For the record.

We've been hearing rumors for a while that Wonder Woman might (finally) make her debut in the upcoming Man of Steel 2, which will also introduce us to Affleck's Batman, Bieber's Robin (it's weird, but we're moving on), and a couple other members of the DC Pantheon, but now we have casting rumors to confirm it.

Or, well, to confirm that there is a rumor to be all suspicious about. The casting call is incredibly detail-lite, just that they're looking for a woman in her mid-twenties to mid-thirties, who is physically strong, for a lead role.

That doesn't necessarily mean Wonder Woman is coming out, but it's a good time for it if she is, and honestly I'm just going to bask in the sheer possibility of this for a minute, thank you.

This, on top of the really awesome fan-film from Rainfall Films makes this a pretty seriously rad week for fans of Diana from Themiscyra.

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