Saturday, December 21, 2013

Linksgiving (Women and Other Things on TV, Part 2)

Gosh it's been a while since we did a Linksgiving post. Which means this is well overdue! In our sequel to last time, here's part two of links about women and gender (and racism and class and poverty and lots of things) on television.

Enjoy some nice links, while I curl up in my nice cozy new place and watch the rain (also my Hulu queue, because what are rainy Saturdays for if not television?).

1. On TV, Men Have Conviction and Women Have Issues from Salon. I don't know as I entirely agree with this article, since I think Sleepy Hollow's Abbie Mills is probably the best thing ever, but it's worth a read for sure.

2. TV's Strongest Female Characters Share One Stupid Flaw from Time magazine. Okay, now this one I will totally give them. It's a very valid complaint, that too many female characters are still defined by their messed up relationships with men.

3. The 99%: "There's Always Money In the Banana Stand": Class Passing on Arrested Development from Bitch. An awesome article on class signifiers and how Arrested Development is secretly subversive.

4. The Economics of a Hit TV Show from Priceonomics. Amazing explanation of how TV actually works and why shows we love often get cancelled anyway.

5. Spongebob Squarepants Is a Marxist! from Salon. BEST. ARTICLE. EVER.

6. Pink and Satiny, Part II from sobrans. A compelling (and exhaustively researched) article on Dean Winchester and the fluidity of gender presentation. It's pretty impressive.

7. 'Elementary's Joan: My Favorite Watson from BitchFlicks. I mean, the title pretty much says it all, but I agree wholeheartedly with the concept and execution herein.

8. 'Sleepy Hollow's Abbie Mills: a New and Improved Scully from BitchFlicks. Again, not super confusing in content, but well-written and worth reading.

9. Once Upon a Time: The Treatment of Regina from Fangs for the Fantasy. Dude, this article is amazing, and not just because I love Regina. But also because it really explains something that has bothered me: why does Regina never seem to catch a break?

10. Scandal: Lisa Kudrow Goes HAM in an Epic Speech on Sexism in Politics from Jezebel. It's just so good. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy and angry inside, like a wolverine with a cup of tea.

11. How Did NCIS Get to Be So Cool? from MacLean's. You know, I held out for a long time on the NCIS love train. But then I caved. And it is cool. And adorable. And fun. And also getting on there in years. Seriously, how long has it been on now?

12. Seth MacFarlane's 'Dads' Is Bad - But Could It Have Been Worse? from Speakeasy. Shudder. Just read it and shudder. And then maybe weep.

13. American Horror Story and Gratuitous Rape from Fangs for the Fantasy. Have I mentioned that I love FftF? Because I do. So much. And also, they make a pretty important point here.

14. Emma Goldwyn and Sasha Spielberg's Girls Without Boys Picked Up by ABC and WBTV from Women and Hollywood. So, in news about shows that I will definitely be watching...

15. Kenyan TV Show Imagines European Refugees Fleeing to Africa in 2062 from io9. Also in news of things I really, really want to see (but am having trouble locating, sadly). Because I'm pretty sure this has potential to be my favorite thing ever.

16. What Steven Moffat Doesn't Understand about Grief, and Why It's Killing Doctor Who from Tea Leaves and Dog Ears. Just a wonderful summation of everything that annoys me about current Who.

17. The Women of Battlestar Galactica, in the Style of Klimt, Bouguereau, Lichtenstein from the MarySue. I like nerd art.

18. 20 Life Lessons We Learned from "Gilmore Girls" from Buzzfeed.

19. 16 Things Mr. Feeny Taught Us from Buzzfeed.

20. The 50 Most Important Lessons Learned from "30 Rock" from Buzzfeed.

21. 15 Things You Didn't Know About "Game of Thrones" from Buzzfeed.

22. What If Breaking Bad Was All Just Hal from Malcolm in the Middle's Dream? from io9 and also the internet at large. Heehee, that's what.

Well, that's about the shape of it for this week. We'll be back on Monday to talk about Frozen and Love Actually and Charlie Brown Christmas and all those lovely, wintery types of things, quick before Christmas is over and it's weird to watch Christmas movies again!

Until then, have a lovely weekend.

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