Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles Kickstarter is LIVE!

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Hey everyone, guess what! I'm not dead! Nope, it was just yet another case of having an important deadline on an important paper. This is the summer of academic writing, I guess. So far I've written papers for a book on popular culture post-9.11 and another book on dystopian fiction. Fun times. And still coming up, I'll be working on papers for Divergent and Philosophy and Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regenerated. So, you know, exciting stuff!

I hope to be back to writing normal articles by tomorrow, but for now, check out this super awesome kickstarter for a really wonderful project: Miss Officer and Mr. Truffles, a heartwarming animated show about a Canadian Mountie and her bear sidekick. (It's based off of the cutest picture in the world, and has the full support of the people seen in said picture, though the real Mr. Truffles was busy being a bear and therefore could not comment.)

Anyway, it's a really cute project, and it's exactly the sort of kids' media we want, right? So support them!

And we'll be back with some much desired recaps tomorrow.


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