Friday, August 22, 2014

At a Wedding, Carry on Without Me!

As this is being published, I'll be out in the woods of Pennsylvania, setting up for my best friend's wedding. It's kind of awesome. I'm pretty okay with it.

But, since the wedding is pretty far from civilization, and I'm way too braindead to prepare anything for you, instead of actual content, here's the video for Sia's new song "Chandelier", because it's amazing and stunning and I love it.

I'll be back on Monday.

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  1. Recently, I was also at the wedding of my friend and it was magical! She just has a beautiful voice, so she prepared some beautiful songs. We found a list of very melodic songs on and chose from them the songs for the dance of the bride and her father, but also the music for the wedding and some songs that the bride performed. Sia's song was one of them even though it's not like wedding song xD But it was fun!