Monday, August 11, 2014

Get Involved! Crowdfunding for the Vampire Academy Sequel

Way back in February (so long ago, I barely remember those halcyon days), I mentioned that I'd gone to see a little movie called Vampire Academy. I wrote this whole review thing about how I really enjoyed it and it was very good and I still don't get why critics were hating on it so much.

I figured that since the movie kind of sort of flopped so hard you got sympathy pains, there was no way in hell we would get a sequel. But I was wrong!

Since the fan support for Vampire Academy has been really impressive, and the numbers eventually came out as being not-terrible (though not great either), it seems that the writer and director of the film have decided to go ahead and make a sequel. All the actors have signed back on, the script is done, and almost all of the funding is secure.

The only last part is that the producers have decided to crowdfund a small percentage of the budget, as a way of showing distributors how passionate the fans are, and how much these fans really want this movie to do well. Their goal is to raise $1.5 million, and so far they don't have that. But there's time!

I'm especially invested in this project succeeding because as far as I can tell, the first movie was scuppered simply by virtue of being a movie about teenage girls for teenage girls, a movie that most male critics (and studio executives, for that matter) could not relate to and didn't feel any particular desire to try. That's a damn shame. 

Personally, I do plan on contributing, since this is the kind of project I really support. I mean, it's fun, it's genre, it's blatantly girl power, and did I mention that it's fun? I like to put my money where my mouth is and support female-lead projects, especially ones with female writers, directors, and/or producers, and this project? It fits the bill very nicely.

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