Monday, December 14, 2015

Well, At Least I Made It Back Before Christmas...

Guess what, Chickadees! I'm back!

Granted, it was a close thing. I know I said I only needed a week or two, but it turns out that I am just as bad at estimating how long it'll take me to do something as I am at math. Which makes sense, if you think about it. Anyway, after a month and a half of radio silence, I am now done with my grad school applications, mostly done with my real person work for the year, finished with my mother's treatments, have written a genuinely quite good and academically relevant paper on the role advertising plays in content creation on television, and am generally actually capable of being a real person again.

You know, for like a week until we all break for the holidays.

At any rate, I'm here now. It was a close thing there for a minute - my laptop and iPad both chose this morning to work on their "playing dead" routines - but we made it. Let's get back to some soothing pop culture blogging, shall we?

For the rest of the year, we're going to stick with the rough weekly schedule as it was unchanged, but I'm seriously considering shaking it up in the new year. So keep your eyes peeled for polls about our new structure. I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving and possibly Hanukkah (I know I did). So let's do this.