Friday, September 2, 2016

Is It...Is It Time? Can We Come Back Now? Is the Coast Clear?

Well, it has been a pretty dang full just-under-two-months since I last talked to all of you! I went to Iceland (amazing), started my new job (satisfying), and began looking for apartments that don't involve living with my parents (that one was just okay - apartment hunting is hard). 

At any rate, I've been continuously watching and reading and consuming media during all this time, so now that we're back, I have lots to say, don't you worry. There's stuff about Suicide Squad and Ghostbusters and Star Trek Beyond, sure, but there's also some little surprises in here too, so I think you're all going to like what comes next.

Just a few housekeeping things to explain before we return to our regularly scheduled ruining of everything you love:

The format is going to change. Instead of five posts a week, I'm going to be pulling back to three, and they're not going to fit as neatly into column categories as they have in the past. While I will stick to my commitment to write five Masculinity Mondays and Strong Female Character Fridays for Hispanic-Latino Heritage Month and Native American Heritage Month, the rest of the time we're going to go with a looser structure and articles more centered around big ideas. Good? Good.

Second, we're probably not going to do any more recaps, at least not for a while. Why? Because recaps are actually more time consuming than any other writing I do, and frankly they're not very pleasant to write. Sure, lots of people love them, but they're frustrating and hard and ultimately I don't think I end up saying much of value in them. So no more recaps, at least for now.

Third, the blog is coming up on it's five year anniversary! I know! I can't believe it either. On the other hand, though, I really can.

We'll be doing some fun stuff to celebrate as well as revisiting some of our most popular (and frequently inexplicably popular) old posts. So stay tuned!

That's it for now, just letting you know that we are BACK and to stay tuned for Monday. I've missed you all like Patrick Bateman missed Blockbuster.

Yeah, that's it. I've been returning videotapes for two months.


  1. Good to know that you have started writing blogs again. its ok to cut down on your number of blog spots per week we understand. And all the very best for finding your new home. hope you find luck

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