The Undies


The Undies is short for The Underappreciated Film Awards, an annual film competition where you get to help pick the best underappreciated films of the past year. By underappreciated, what we mean is films that might not have received box office attention, critical acclaim, or awards show nominations, or any combination of those three. Some of the movies nominated were underappreciated because their subject matter made them less marketed to wide audiences, while others were victims of critics who just didn't get it and an awards show voter base who prefers stories about old white dudes.

Whatever the reason, every year there are a lot of movies that deserve more attention than they got. The Undies is a chance for you to help pick those films that most deserve a second chance.

Here's how it works:

1. You guys email in your nominations and I work to develop a "short list" of the top 25 films of the past year, divided into five categories.  Click here to see the 2015 Short List post!

2. You pick a category - Big Budget, Mid-Range, Micro Budget, Foreign Language, or Animated - and email us to say you've chosen where you want to vote.

3. You watch all the movies in your category.

4. You email us again to say which one is your favorite!

5. I compile all the votes together and post the winner from each category.

6. You watch all the movies in the final round and email us which one is your favorite!

7. I post the winner of the Best Underappreciated Film of the year!

If you're asking yourself, "Why should I do this? What's at stake? What do these movies get if they win?", then the answer is that nothing in particular is at stake and all the movies get if they win is a kindly worded email. BUT - they do get what these films really needed, and that's more attention. We all know that the Academy Awards and the general Hollywood infrastructure isn't built to honor movies that tell truly surprising and different stories. By participating in The Undies, you can help bring attention to films that slipped through the cracks.

If all this sounds good to you, then you should totally email us - voting is currently closed for the year, but we accept nominations for next years' awards any time!


Chi-Raq - 2015

Under the Skin - 2014


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